RPG Resouces

Below are links to RPG resources of stand-alone games published on the site. Most are links to the original article that details them but some are direct downloads.

General RPG tools
  • Town name generator: A customizable program that generates millions of unique fantasy names. Currently only produces names for towns and similar structures.
  • Name generator: A variant of the above that generates character and NPC names. Customizable so that different regions or races can have their own flavor.
  • Customizable vector symbols: A range of symbols in power point that can be easily scaled or colors changed.
  • Custom maps: A document detailing how to create map icons in power point which allows customized colors and scales.
House rules
  • 4e weapon creation system: A point system to recreate and develop new weapons for the 4e game
  • 4e skill system: A variable take on skills in 4e that puts more power in the hands of both the GM and players to enable actions to be resolved more broadly.
Stand-alone mini-games