Friday, July 15, 2011

Class preview: Rogue

Some of the details may change since folks have been presenting interesting ideas with regards to initiative and zones, but I think this has most of the pieces. As always, weird google docs conversion so I recommend downloading.

The Rogue

Hopefully this helps put into perspective some of the other things I've been talking about like the progression of stocks, abilities, the importance of the class modifier, and so on. As I develop more classes I'll also be putting up guides and tools to help explain the rationale behind all the little odds and ends of the system. They should make it really easy to produce new powers and new classes that play well with others and maintain the overall system balance. Feedback appreciated.


  1. Weren't you going to use 15 levels because the maths works out so well?

    How is Rogue score calculated? If it's Rogue modifier + half of level, you will have an anticlimactic tenth level for people who single-class all the way.

  2. The plan is for 15 total levels in the game, but I don't plan for anyone class to exceed 10. For most people they will multiclass but there is also room for either expanding classes or introducing a prestige class type approach.

    The rogue score is equal to 1/2 character (not just class) level + rogue modifier. So a fighter 7 who jumps into rogue 1 would have a rogue score of 5 (4 from level and 1 from modifier) in addition to his fighter score of 8 (4 level and 4 mod).

    The highest level talents are rogue score 10 and provide really big benefits. The quickest way to get them is straight class. Also, if you check out stocks you'll see that the second step of stocks (the ones with class 5 requirement) can also be met with character level 11. This means that if you go straight class, you can enter into a new class and skip the weakest stocks. Finally, having one more talent that potentially builds off your maxed out rogue modifier is always a perk.

    I think that is more than compensatory for going straight through.