Monday, July 11, 2011

Puzzles, part one

I am a big fan of puzzles because they offer an opportunity to challenge the player directly. Now, not all players want to show up and solve your puzzles, so you'll need to spend some time figuring out if this is a great idea or if this will make you look like a jerk. Sometimes, that is an ironically fine line...

In my last post about double-duty tables I realized there was an oddly familiar pattern to the 1-6 ranges I arrayed across the chart. I realized it is how they produce sudoku tables. So... here is an excel spreadsheet that produces sudoku type puzzles. You put in a seed number, swap some rows or columns, and you are good to go. I also included a reference table so that you can change the font (symbols or download D&D fonts that use runes like Dwarven or Elven) which has a tendency to make it about 10-fold harder. Players just can't seem to understand dwarvish runes as well as they can understand numbers.

You may have noticed this is part one. The next will be a return to puzzles with riddles, most of which I posted to ENWorld, but not all were solved. Hopefully, fun will follow.

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